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Each episode has its own relevant activities and exercises allowing people to practise and develop language skills. In each block of five episodes, viewers learn vocabulary based around a theme and small number of sentence structures.

Episode exercises recap key elements of each show and reinforce what is being learnt. These are activated online after each show has been broadcast on Māori Television. Check online at for programme times.

Kia ū, kia mau ki Tōku Reo!


Show Components

Part 1 – GRAMMAR:

The grammar segment begins with the presenters explaining a sentence construction that utilises the vocabulary that will be taught in segment two.

They interact to demonstrate the sentence constructions followed by graphical inserts and field footage ‘role-plays’ to reinforce the lesson.

At the end of the grammar segment is an interview with a kaumatua explaining the meaning of a colloquial expression peculiar to a certain tribe.


Each week’s vocabulary relates to a particular theme. The presenters are the first to teach the words in the studio.

Based on best practise learning techniques, each word is pronounced first, followed by it’s written form. After each set of 5 words is introduced, they are presented again, but this time with a picture so the audience learns vocabulary in context.

The vocbulary section finishes with an insert of Erima Henare, the chairman of The Māori Language Commission, teaching a newly coined word related to the theme for the week.


The activities segment is where the audience gets to put what they’ve learnt into practise.

Exercises and games incorporate learning from the first two segments of the show, and range from multi-choice, to freeze frame activites using inserts from earlier in the show.

Across the whole series, a large variety of these activities are used to keep the learning fresh, and the audience engaged.

At the end of this segment, Professor John Moorfield himself provides language learning tips to help the student get the most from the course.

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