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VIDEO- September 1, 2010

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Kura Productions is a Māori television and film production company. The company is a joint venture between Quinton Hita and South Pacific Pictures. Quinton manages the joint venture and determines the company’s scope and direction. 

Quinton says: “For me, Māori television is the most exciting recent development in the New Zealand television industry. The advent of MTS has made it viable for someone like myself, who has come up through the ranks and been committed to Māori programming for over a decade, to set up and manage his own production company.

“Kura Productions is an opportunity to focus my skills and experience on the projects I’m most passionate about".

Other Kura Productions programmes include the popular Māori language game show Kupuhuna, and Pukoro - a 100% Māori language show for pre-schoolers.

In October 2008, Kura Productions set itself the challenge of becoming a Māori only speaking company.

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