Let's continue to build on the language pattern for the week whānau!

'She and I are going to the hospital' is the English translation for 'E haere ana   ki te hōhipera'.

'He and I are going to Tauranga' is the English translation for 'E   ana māua ki Tauranga'

  is the Māori translation which refers to two people, he and I, or she and I.

'E haere ana kōrua ki hea?' is the Māori translation for '   are you two going?'

'Ki Tauranga' is the short response structure that can be used when responding to the question 'Kei te haere koe ki   ?'

Using the long response structure you would say 'I am going to the shop' by saying 'E haere ana ahau ki te   '.

Which word in the question 'E haere ana koe ki hea?' is the translation for the word 'where'?  

'E haere ana koe ki hea?' is the same as 'Kei te haere koe ki hea?' This is a   statement (type true or false).

The question 'E haere ana   ki hea?' translates to 'Where is she/he going?'



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